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"Innovation distinguishes between a
leader and a follower"

Steve Jobs

Talent Outsource is an executive search firm working on a retainer basis.

We guarantee our work. Our responsibility is to recruit an executive who meets the specification, who fits successfully into the environment and who ‘adds value’ to the client’s business.

If the candidate proves unsatisfactory or resigns within a period of twelve months following appointment – other than because of his or her role or location has changed, or through redundancy or winding up – we will undertake the assignment again at no additional cost to the client, other than those incurred from expenses. In such circumstances, however, we require written confirmation of the reasons within seven days of severance.

We mutually agree that any potential candidates independently identified by the client are brought to our attention to avoid duplication of effort and to enable us to conduct such comparative evaluation as may be appropriate. We only work on an exclusive basis, but we will of course be happy to screen/interview any internal referred candidates as part of the assignment process.

Our Fees:
Our professional fee arrangements are confirmed at the outset of the assignment and all invoices are due within 30 days of receipt.

Off Limits:
We never approach a candidate who has previously been recruited through Talent Outsource, nor do we encourage that candidate to approach us. We also undertake not to contact anyone employed by a client company during a two year period, commencing on the completion of the last assignment.

We are committed to client relationships built on mutual trust; such relationships require a two way passage of confidential candidate information that we would expect to be respected by both parties.

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